Our Commitment to Research

In addition to driving innovation in patient care, HCA Healthcare Graduate Medical Education (GME) is committed to making advancements in the field of medicine through research and scholarly activity. All of our residencies and fellowships meet or exceed the standards for scholarly activity set by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

How We Support Residents

Our residents and fellows are supported by their program faculty and a team of national research coordinators to help select topics, get the resources they need, and see projects through from inception to publication.

HCA Healthcare GME programs are able to leverage data from more than 30 million patient encounters across our facilities each year. Additionally, they are given access to prominent medical journals and clinical databases that they can use to diversify and validate their work.

Notable Publications Notable Presentations
New England Journal of Medicine American College of Cardiology
Annals of Surgical Oncology American College of Emergency Physicians
Journal of the American College of Surgeons American College of Gastroenterology
Annals of Emergency Medicine American College of Physicians
Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine American College of Surgeons

Scholarly Commons

HCA Healthcare Scholarly Commons is a platform to collect, share and publish the variety of academic work created by the Graduate Medical Education community. It is a collaborative, open access resource developed to discover and showcase our contributions to medical knowledge.

A New Resource to Amplify Innovation

2020 marked the launch of the HCA Healthcare Journal of Medicine. The journal is an online, open-source publication that charges no subscription or author processing fees.

HCA Healthcare and our Graduate Medical Education team wanted to provide this space to encourage physicians, no matter the stage of their career, to write and publish their work without any added financial barriers to entry.

Bruce Deighton, PhD, Vice President of Graduate Medical Education at HCA Healthcare said of the journal, "We want to provide significant and innovative articles to help advance the practice of medicine. It is a vital part of our mission to not only provide the best care possible to our patients today, but to focus on how we can improve that experience tomorrow."

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Research That Brings Opportunity

Raised in Nicaragua, Dr. Irby went to medical school in her home country before seeking to continue her medical education as a resident physician in the U.S. Dr. Irby was part of the first class of residents in the psychiatry program at Coliseum Medical Center in 2017, and became a chief resident in her second year.

On her experience with research in the program she stated, "Doing research with HCA Healthcare helped me to develop critical thinking skills, to evaluate medical literature, to work closely with the attending physicians, to feel more confident pursuing an academic career path, and to be better at practicing evidence-based medicine."

As a part of her research projects, Dr. Irby has been able to present her work as a part of professional conferences and submit studies to medical journals. Her work has been featured in:

  • A poster presentation at the 2019 American Psychiatric Association national conference
  • Two first-place winning poster presentations at the Georgia Psychiatric Physicians Association conference
  • A case report on Aseptic Meningitis and Depression, published in Cureus
  • An oral presentation for the Georgia Psychiatric Physicians Association on cultural competency

Dr. Mohiuddin came into his residency with a background in research, and has continued to pursue academic contributions in his first program year. His projects include:

  • A workshop presented at Society of Teachers of Family Medicine national conference
  • A grant-awarded ongoing patient lifestyle study
  • A report entitled "How the Test-Enhanced Learning Curriculum Improves Resident Academic Performance"

On his research experience so far he said "Research opens a lot of doors," adding, "One thing about HCA Healthcare is that there is always someone you can ask for help."

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