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Welcome from our team

Thank you for stopping by to learn about our unique Emergency Medicine Residency Program at HCA Florida North Florida Hospital! We are a 523-bed hospital including a comprehensive stroke program and a Chest Pain center for a very large coverage area. We are also a referral center for area community hospitals and care for patients in 14 surrounding counties.

Mission Statement

The HCA Florida North Florida Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency Program’s mission is to develop the next generation of physicians and physician leaders.

As a part of HCA Healthcare, we are driven by a single mission: Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.

This program is designed to offer residents a rewarding, educational environment where residents are provided individualized learning opportunities by faculty and staff who support and sustain one another throughout quality care delivery. Our faculty are committed to ensuring the residents' clinical experience and educational needs are fulfilled while expanding residents’ perspectives to be inclusive of cultures, values, and ideals.

Program Overview

We are a three-year program dedicated to providing an environment where our residents thrive. How do we do this?

We systematically nurture a culture of support!

Residents do not compete against each other at work. Sharing resources, coaching each other up and pooling experiences through sessions during conferences are all examples of how we are team-driven. Residents have a mentoring ‘family’ and individualized learning plans. They get pooled feedback from their faculty mentors regularly and are able to use this support network to grow as emergency physicians.

We provide a fantastic experience in our program!

We are a referral center, with three busy emergency rooms (ERs) to rotate through and an engaged and dedicated faculty to provide supervision. Never once have we had locums in our ERs. Never have we had competing services in our emergency rooms. Every procedure belongs to us. Our nursing team members work very closely with the physicians and we build great relationships between residents and nursing starting day one.

We care about our program, our residents and their future!

“Wellness” in our program is not just two days a year out on a field trip and a lecture on circadian rhythms. Wellness includes an integrated curriculum, storytelling sessions, shift scheduling to incorporate important family events, and creating a culture where we all look forward to coming to work. Residents are encouraged to be healthy by balancing an intense work schedule with other domains of their lives.

Our program has a robust Quality Improvement Program, research effort and hospital-wide involvement! We also are very proud of our EUFAC-accredited Advanced Ultrasound Fellowship!

We strive to graduate EM physicians that we, not only would want to be our colleagues but also to take care of our own families! Now that is a compelling goal. I invite you to explore our program further. You can find information and get to know us on Instagram and Twitter @NorthFloridaEM.

Program details

Residents are provided breakfast during educational activities and lunch if activities carry over the lunch hour. There are frozen meals and a stocked refrigerator for residents while on-call. Residents can use their knight bites in the cafeteria at a 25% discount.

The call rooms located in the basement of the Women's Center are dedicated to the use of the residents. There are 11 call rooms and several shower facilities available.

VPN accounts for home access to our hospital's medical records and library resources.

Advanced Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship

The Emergency Medicine program at HCA Florida North Florida Hospital in Gainesville is proud to offer a EUFAC-accredited fellowship in Advanced Emergency Ultrasonography. The fellowship was established in 2021 and is currently training fellows for a career in focused point-of-care ultrasound within the context of emergency medicine. We strive to produce physicians who can not only successfully obtain their certification of Focused Practice Designation (FPD) in Clinical Ultrasonography, but will be prepared to function autonomously as ultrasound directors and skilled resident educators.

The program offers a competitive salary, opportunities to attend conferences such as ACEP and AIUM, and work in an exciting emergency department managed by a democratic group of EM physicians, Gainesville Emergency Medicine Associates (GEMA). Fellows will be trained in all standard applications of point-of-care ultrasound, transvaginal ultrasound, transesophageal echocardiography, nerve blocks and MSK ultrasound. Emphasis will also be placed on developing leadership roles, research skills and effective teaching of resident and student learners.

Our main emergency department employs three state-of-the-art GE ultrasound machines to ensure consistent machine availability, and our fellows are provided with a personal ultrasound for use throughout the year. Dedicated ultrasound faculty provide one-on-one, hands-on scanning education on a weekly basis, regular ultrasound lectures on core content, and an ultrasound journal club to maintain a strong foundation of evidence-based knowledge.

  • Salary and Benefits:
    • $110K/year + moonlighting opportunities; medical, dental, disability and malpractice insurance
  • Clinical hours:
    • 80 hrs./month, divided into 8, 9 and 12 hour attending shifts
  • Practice environment:
    • Private democratic group in large multi-specialty community hospital with residency program and two free-standing EDs
  • Travel/conferences:
    • ACEP, SAEM, LAR, SCUF and AIUM membership and travel expenses paid
  • Equipment:
    • Two GE Venues and 1 GE Venue Go in the Main ED, 1 GE Venue Go at each freestanding, one Vscan Air for the ultrasound fellow
  • Fellowship activities
    • Scanning shifts with ultrasound faculty, residents and medical students
    • Ultrasound journal club
    • Fellowship research project
    • US lectures
    • Creating ultrasound simulation activities
    • Dedicated workshops and expanded learning opportunities

Advanced Emergency Ultrasound

Senior Residents enrolled in the Advanced Ultrasound Track at NF will become familiarized and proficient with advanced ultrasound applications in the ED, machine maintenance, and be prepared to run an ultrasound program in a community ED. This track will be geared for residents both interested in pursuing an ultrasound fellowship and those who are interested in future Ultrasound department directorship.

ELECTIVE/SELECTIVE: Advanced US and another US-related elective (US Teaching, US Research, etc.)


  • Attend the ACEP ultrasound management course at ACEP in October
  • Attend and present at AIUM, the national ultrasound conference
  • Attend several ultrasound faculty meetings
  • Participate in ultrasound shifts monthly
  • Participate in the development of “clinical ultrasound pearls”
  • Participate and present at national US journal clubs, and more!


  • One shift reduction for every two ED blocks.
  • Transportation, registration and hotel for above experiences.

Advanced EMS

Senior Residents enrolled in the Advanced EMS Track at NF will become familiarized and proficient with advanced EMS concepts. This track is for residents both interested in pursuing a fellowship and those who are interested in pursuing a rural EMS directorship without fellowship.

ELECTIVE/SELECTIVE: Advanced EMS and an EMS-related elective (EMS teaching, EMS research, etc.)


  • Fly on the flight EMS and ride with ground EMS quarterly
  • Participation in Flight and ground EMS Medical Directors meetings with other medical directors
  • Review and QA of flight and ground charts, feedback to medics
  • Participation in new ambulance and medical equipment selection
  • Attend at National Association of EMS physicians national course in San Diego in Jan, and pre-conference “how to be an ems medical director” breakout sessions
  • Enrollment in FEMA sponsored incident command classes for disaster management (ICS 100-800 certifications).
  • Introduction to mass casualty incident command, event medicine and community paramedicine.
  • OPTIONAL: attend TCCC tactical critical care 2-day regional course for intro to tactical medicine


  • One shift reduction for every two ED blocks.
  • Transportation, registration and hotel for above experiences.

Advanced ED Administration

Senior Residents enrolled in the Advanced Admin Track at NF will become familiarized and proficient with advanced concepts in ED management and directorship. This track is for residents both interested in pursuing a fellowship and those who are interested in pursuing administrative roles without fellowship.



  • Attend ACEP ED Director’s Academy
  • Participation in ED Department meetings and ED throughput meetings and well as Hospital Quality Committees
  • You will days with the CMO, CFO and COO over the year.
  • Participation in Administrative QI project with directors
  • Participate in department QA
  • Attend National Medical Director Meeting in Las Vegas


  • One shift reduction for every two ED blocks.
  • Transportation, registration and hotel for above experiences.

North Florida EM 2023-24 interview season update

We will be conducting virtual interviews for the 2023-24 recruitment season. Our program is participating in Supplemental Application and Program signaling offer through AAMC/ERAS. We recommend applicants applying to our program to complete the Supplemental application to aid the selection committee in choosing the applicants for interview who will be the best fit for our program. Applicants using a signal for our program will be reviewed early. Applicants should note that a positive signal to our program will not guarantee an invitation to interview. Our program conducts a holistic review of the applicants before making interviewing decisions.

Get to Know the Team

Robyn Hoelle, MD
Program Director

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Curriculum and Rotation Schedule

Our expertly crafted programs are designed to provide resident physicians with all the experiences and training necessary for professional success.

See Program Schedule

Salary & Benefits


Year Salary
PGY-1 $59,627
PGY-2 $61,395
PGY-3 $63,204



  • PGY1: 3 weeks (5 working days plus weekend) per academic year
  • PGY2: 4 weeks (5 working days plus weekend) per academic year
  • PGY3: 4 weeks (5 working days plus weekend) per academic year
  • 10 days paid sick time per year


The Human Resources website for UCF provides many details of the types of insurance provided to residents.

  • Low cost medical and dental coverage for both residents and family
  • Disability policy will be provided along with the option to purchase additional coverage
  • Residents are automatically enrolled in a life insurance policy that offers a basic life benefit of $25,000
  • Professional liability insurance is provided


  • 401 (a) FICA Alternative Plan

Malpractice coverage

Residents are provided with Professional Liability Coverage for $200,000/$1,000,000.


The cost for training licenses in the state of Florida will be paid by the program. Residents receive a "fee exempt" DEA certificate during their training, which can only be used at training sites.

Life support training

NRP, BLS, ACLS, and PALS training and certifications are covered by the program.

More benefits

  • iPhone and Laptop issued to each resident
  • Parking is on campus, close to the hospital and free to residents
  • Travel and registration for external conference attendance such as ACEP attendance.
  • Meals (really good meals!) provided for didactics
  • Residents have ‘Knight Bites’: $100 stipend per month to buy food and drinks at the cafeteria, The Sandwich Shop and the hospital coffee shop. The balance carries over month to month if not used.
  • EM residents also have food and drinks provided for them in the ED from our ‘Resident Fridge’.
  • The Difficult Airway Course® each year
  • One lab coat intern year
  • Five pairs of scrubs first year
  • Residency Jacket
  • A robust Employee Assistance Plan is provided for group or individual therapy as needed
  • Question Bank access to Hippo EM, Peer, and Rosh.
  • Full Board Review Course

Conference Schedule

We have 5 hours of protected conference time per week. The faculty covers our emergency rooms so you can attend conferences. The didactic curriculum repeats on an 18-month cycle, so residents will have all content presented to them twice during the course of their residency. We use many models of interactive learning including problem-based learning, small-group sessions, simulation, written board review, oral board review, assigned educator roles, as well as, traditional lectures. We also incorporate newer FOAMEd (Free Open Access Medical Education) resources for home study and asynchronous learning models. Each resident is be provided with a laptop for home use and bedside medical applications.