Welcome to the University of Central Florida College of Medicine/HCA Florida Healthcare (Greater Orlando/Osceola) Emergency Medicine Residency!

Our mission is to combine excellence in Clinical Skills with the humanity of the compassionate physician to produce outstanding patient-centered care.

In August 2018, we lost our beloved founding program director, Dr. Bethany Ballinger, after a courageous battle with an unfortunate illness.

Dr. Ballinger said it best:

Emergency Medicine is a calling. It is demanding and not for the faint-hearted. It requires long hours and extreme dedication. ER will disturb your sleep and challenge your principles. It will draw on every drop of compassion you have and then still ask for more. It's a serious business but paradoxically one that also needs a healthy sense of humor!

Although we rarely see our patients again, some linger in our memories forever and help create the people we become. In that way, the ER shift is never really over yet the rewards are enormous. We have the ability to help people in their direst need and for some the worst moments of their life. Such an honor is rare and to be taken with the utmost humility and care.

Our academic community hybrid program consisting of a well-respected hospital and outstanding medical school will provide you an excellent education in Emergency Medicine. It's an education that will prepare you for the changing face of EM and the ability to practice in any environment.

Thank you for your interest in our program. We will be delighted to meet you.

David Lebowitz, MD, FACEP
Program Director