If you are a medical student looking for audition rotations here at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, you can view all of our current and upcoming rotations through Clinician Nexus. What is Clinician Nexus (CN)? CN is a secure platform where medical students can apply for or schedule rotations at all HCA Healthcare facilities. There is no cost to sign up for an account and there is no cost to apply for HCA Healthcare rotations.

Clinician Nexus is the platform we will use to verify all student information, the student only needs to upload the required documents once to the profile, instead of every time they request a rotation. Your schedule is easy to view and the instructions for verification are simple for clinical site coordinators as well the students' school coordinators.

Next steps

Two Options (check with your school coordinator on which to use):

  1. Your school coordinator will sign you up for an account with Clinician Nexus. Then you will receive an email to create your profile.
  2. You can sign up for an account with Clinician Nexus. You will then need to be verified by your school.

If you have questions about how to use Clinician Nexus, please refer to the Help Center under Support or go to Clinician Nexus Help Center.