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  • ACGME: 0801100001
  • Reserved NRMP: 1587080R0
  • Advanced NRMP: 1587080A0

How to Apply

Welcome from our Program Director

We are honored to collaborate with HCA Florida Capital Hospital and the University of Central Florida College of Medicine to offer the first ACGME-accredited dermatology residency program in the North Florida Panhandle. Our program represents one of only 15 post-graduate dermatology training programs in the state of Florida. Collectively, our program leadership and core faculty have over 50 years of combined experience in graduate medical education. The majority of our faculty are on staff at Dermatology Associates of Tallahassee (DAT). DAT is a single specialty dermatology practice that offers the full scope of medical, surgical, pediatric, and cosmetic services, in addition to on-site dermatopathology.

Program overview

The UCF/HCA FL Healthcare Tallahassee Program's core purpose is to provide a robust learning environment in which to train the next generation of physicians who will become leaders in the field of dermatology. Our residents become experts in the diagnosis and management of common, complex and rare dermatologic conditions.

Our state-of-the-art facilities, dedicated faculty and diverse patient population serve as a backdrop for an exceptional training experience in both outpatient and inpatient settings. Our faculty consists of experts in the areas of Mohs surgery, radiation therapy, procedural dermatology, pediatric dermatology, cutaneous oncology and dermatopathology.

Furthermore, we are committed to embracing and advancing a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion. Through clinical rotations, didactic sessions, journal clubs and conferences, our residents will become knowledgeable and comfortable in all aspects of medical, surgical, pediatric, cosmetic and inpatient consultative dermatology. They will gain invaluable experience in systems-based practice and will become actively involved in multi-disciplinary teams focused on optimizing patient care and clinical outcomes.

Our program strongly supports faculty development and the advancement of knowledge by offering protected time for both endeavors. We are committed to recruiting and retaining faculty who exhibit the highest standards of academic integrity and are dedicated to the mentorship, education and the success of our residents.

We are hopeful that some of our future graduates will choose to stay and practice in our community and/or join our growing residency program as faculty members.

Our Program Director and staff

Our team is comprised of skilled experts with deep experience and knowledge from which residents and fellows can benefit.

Stephen K. Richardson, MD

Program Director

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Program details

The majority of our residents' education and training will take place in Tallahassee, FL. In addition, they will see patients in affiliated rural health clinics throughout the North Florida and South Georgia region — fulfilling our mission and commitment to meet the dermatologic needs of underserved populations. Our physicians will receive comprehensive hospital-based training through supervised inpatient consultations conducted at two tertiary care centers in Tallahassee, FL — HCA Florida Capital Hospital and Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. At these sites, trainees will gain invaluable experience managing the full spectrum of adult, pediatric and neonatal conditions afflicting patients in the hospital setting.

We are honored and excited to train the future of dermatology in our community and are hopeful that some of our graduates will remain within the region to help reduce the unmet demand for dermatologic care throughout Florida.

Program curriculum highlights

  • Our program offers a robust learning environment committed to embracing and advancing a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Our faculty consists of experts in MOHs surgery and procedural dermatology, as well as leaders in the management and treatment of advanced malignancies of the skin.
  • Residents will receive specialized training in dermatologic surgery and the use of superficial radiation therapy. With a wide variety of lasers available on-site, our program offers residents extensive training in the use of lasers for the management of dermatologic disease and aesthetics.
  • Core and adjunct faculty experts in cosmetic dermatology will provide hands-on training in a wide range of aesthetic procedures (including the use of botulinum toxin and soft tissue augmentation).
  • Our faculty includes a board-certified academic dermatopathologist, offering weekly didactic lectures and special slide review sessions at the microscope.
  • Our faculty also includes a fellowship-trained pediatric dermatologist who will work closely with residents to enhance their clinical skills in diagnosing and managing dermatologic disorders affecting all pediatric age groups.

Program curriculum schedule


2 Residents - swap rotation at 6 months.

Block Block 1 Block 2
Monday Medical Dermatology Clinic Continuity Clinic
Tuesday Continuity Clinic Rural Health – Med/Surg Derm
Wednesday Continuity Clinic Medical Dermatology Clinic
Thursday Rural Health – Med/Surg Derm Continuity Clinic
Friday Continuity Clinic Continuity Clinic
Vacation 1 week required 1 week required
% Outpatient 90% 90%
% Inpatient 5% (3 months; alternating weeks) 5% (3 months; alternating weeks)
% Research 5% 5%


2 Residents - swap rotation at 6 months.

Block Block 1 (sites 1, 2, 4) Block 2 (sites 1, 2)
Monday Mohs Continuity Clinic
Tuesday Rural Health – Med/Surg Derm Continuity Clinic
Wednesday Mohs Continuity Clinic
Thursday Rural Health – Med/Surg Derm Continuity Clinic
Friday Pediatric Dermatology Continuity Clinic
Vacation 1 week required 1 week required
% Outpatient 93% 93%
% Inpatient 2% (1.5 months; share call with PGY-2s) 2% (1.5 months; share call with PGY-2s)
% Research 5% 5%


2 Residents - swap rotation at 6 months.

Block Block 1 Block 2
Rotation Name Academic Physician Clinic Electives (2-wk offsite rotations x3; 6 wks Plastic Surgery)
Continuity Clinic
Vacation 1 week required 1 week required
% Outpatient 85% 85%
% Inpatient 2% (1.5 months; share call with PGY-3s) 2% (1.5 months; share call with PGY-3s)
% Research 10% 10%


Our salary information is for the 2022-2023 fiscal year and may differ from future years' salaries

  • PGY-2 – $61,395
  • PGY-3 – $63,204
  • PGY-4 – $65,388


Our benefits are comparable to graduate medical education programs and include:


  • PGY-2 and higher: 20 days paid vacation per year (10 days assigned and two 5-day blocks). Denial of a specific request for vacation is not a grievable matter.
  • 10 days paid sick time per year (up to 5 sick days can be rolled over per year)
  • Up to three days per year for bereavement leave
  • Up to five days for continuing education (PGY-2 and higher for conference attendance, fellowship interviews, board review, etc.)
  • Up to three months may be taken for personal/family emergencies (FMLA), this period of time will be considered unpaid personal leave and benefits will be held. The duration of such leave will determine whether extending a resident's training period for promotion/graduation will be necessary.
  • Vacations: Paid vacation leave cannot be accumulated or carried over from one contract year to the next.
  • Holidays: Residents will adhere to the holiday schedule provided by the clinical site to which they are assigned. The program director will determine holiday call coverage.

Medical board exam preparation

Residents are strongly encouraged to review the board eligibility requirements for their specialty. Most American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) boards limit the amount of leave that may be taken in a given academic year. In addition, each program provides information on the amount of leave that may be taken.

If the amount of leave taken by the resident exceeds these limits, the resident will be required to complete additional training time in excess of that limit to satisfy both the training requirements of the program and the corresponding specialty board. The amount of leave taken may also affect the timing of when the resident is promoted to the next level of training.


Details regarding insurance plans and associated options/costs/premiums (which will be updated annually) can be found on the UCF Human Resources website:

  • Medical Insurance: You may enroll in any medical insurance plan offered by UCF (coverage may also include spouses and dependent children). HMO and PPO plans are available; the majority of the premium will be covered by your employer. Coverage will begin on the first day of the month following your contract start date (usually July 1st). You will be provided information on interim coverage that you can purchase independently prior to July 1st during orientation.
  • Disability insurance: You will be provided a disability policy and the option to purchase additional coverage.
  • Life insurance: All residents will receive a basic life benefit of $25,000.
  • Dental Insurance: You may enroll in any dental plan offered by UCF (coverage may also include spouses and dependent children).
  • Other supplemental policies: Available and applicable to all UCF employees through the UCF benefits website.
  • Retirement: Residents will be enrolled under the UCF 401(a) FICA Alternative Plan. Participants contribute 7.5% of their compensation to an account in their name. Enrollment in the plan is mandatory and automatic for all UCF employees. Medicare contributions at 1.45% will continue to be withheld and matched by the employer. Once a contribution has been made to the plan, the employee will receive an Enrollment/Designation of Beneficiary form and an introduction letter from the plan administrator. This will include various options for contributions. Please be advised that the FICA Alternative Plan is considered to be a "tax-qualified plan" for purposes of determining your ability to make before-tax contributions to an individual retirement account ("IRA").
  • Malpractice Coverage: Residents are provided with Professional Liability Coverage for $200,000/$1,000,000.

Additional benefits and services provided

We offer several programs to support your residency including:

Technology devices

Residents will be provided with an iPhone and a laptop. Items will be returned at the conclusion of your residency.

Licensing and DEA certificates

The program will pay your costs for training licenses in the state of Florida and medical licenses in the state of Georgia. Residents receive a "fee exempt" DEA certificate during their training, which can only be used at training sites.

Life support training

The residency program covers your costs for obtaining required life support training (Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support), including any required renewals.


Parking is free, and you may park in any area that is not designated as patient/visitor parking. This includes available spaces within covered parking structures, if applicable.

Meals and snacks

You will be given a meal card that may be used for purchases not to exceed $100 per month at the hospital cafeteria and coffee shop. Each program has access to snacks and drinks for on-call shifts. Coffee is provided in the resident lounge.

Resident call rooms

The call rooms are located in the GME Resident Lounge on the 1st floor of HCA Florida Capital Hospital. This lounge is exclusively dedicated for use by our residents and GME staff. Shower facilities are also available.

VPN accounts

VPN accounts for home access to our hospital's medical records and library resources.

Mission statement

The HCA Florida Capital Hospital Dermatology Residency Program's mission is to develop the next generation of physicians and physician leaders.

As a part of HCA Healthcare, we are driven by a single mission: Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.

This program is designed to offer residents a rewarding, educational environment where residents are provided individualized learning opportunities by faculty and staff who support and sustain one another throughout quality care delivery. Our faculty are committed to ensuring the resident's clinical experience and educational needs are fulfilled while expanding residents’ perspectives to be inclusive of cultures, values and ideals.

Frequently asked questions about our Dermatology Residency Program

You can find answers to the most common questions about our program below.

Our block schedule requires participation in our Bainbridge, GA rural health clinic during your first year in the program. Thus, you must take and pass the USMLE Step 3 before December 31 of your preliminary year, as the GA Medical License application requires passing results on USMLE 1, 2, and 3.

The resident assigned to inpatient consults will cover the service for seven consecutive days before alternating with a fellow resident (beginning and ending on a Monday at 8am).

Yes. Core Faculty member Dr. Michael Bernhardt will oversee all Resident Continuity Clinics for each block rotation throughout the three-year program.

There is currently one rotation in the PGY4 (DY3) year which can be used for up to three 2-week pre-approved and pre-arranged elective rotations. Rotations must be approved by the Program Director and GME office.

Yes, we do, provided that they fulfill our application requirements.