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Charles Orth DO, FAOAO

I have been Program Director of Orthopedic Surgery KCU/ Research Medical Center for 11 years and in practice for 25 years. I am actively involved in all areas of Orthopaedic Surgery including being the founding chair of program directors for the American Osteopathic Academy of Orthopedic Surgery (AOAO), Vice chair of the Virtual Library program Director Section, and board member of the American Osteopathic Academy of Orthopedic Surgery. I was active in the American College of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Orthopedic Milestone 2.0 Committee that just completed our work May 2021.

Our program educates residents in the clinical, surgical, and research components of Orthopedic Surgery. We consider our program to be community based with academic affiliation.

We have diverse faculty who are eager to have you participate in our rural and urban patient care including hospital and surgical center exposure. The affiliation with Kansas City University Consortium also offers unique opportunities including research, anatomy labs, and interdisciplinary teamwork. We offer a hands-on opportunity in all settings, and advance your skills and challenge you daily at your level of comfort and skill progression from day one. Our resident surveys show the strength and variety of procedures is a positive component for the program.

We welcome applicants who are motivated, passionate about healthcare, and want to be the best you can be, It would be our pleasure to have you experience our camaraderie and help you every step of the way during your experience with us.

Upon completion of this program, a resident will be able to practice independently in Orthopedic Surgery or pursue a desired fellowship.

We welcome you to our program!

Charles Orth, DO, FAOAO
Program Director

The residency program functions under the Kansas City University-Graduate Medical Education (KCU-GME) Consortium. Email

About our program

HCA Research Medical Center Orthopedic Residency is a comprehensive, five-year, ACGME (Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education) approved training program.

The HCA Research Medical Center Orthopedic Surgery Residency mission is to foster a commitment to excellence and life-long learning in healthcare for the patient and community.

We are committed to mentoring orthopedic surgery residents into physicians competent in general orthopedic surgery and the ability to pursue an additional desired fellowship. We are committed to developing orthopedic surgery residents capable of leadership positions, mentoring, fostering a learning environment of camaraderie, and evidence based patient care for the community. We are committed to training orthopedic residents to be eligible for specialty board certification and to become clinical adept orthopedic surgeons.

We provide an academically and clinically rigorous training program in orthopedic surgery. Each resident is supervised by faculty and instructed in pre- and post-operative assessment as well as the operative and non-operative care of general and subspecialty orthopedic patients at all times. The supervising faculty may delegate portions of care to residents and progressive responsibility based on the needs of the patient and the skills of the residents. We are also committed to nurturing a robust interest in scientific investigation and research; implementing evidence based medicine into everyday practice and patient care.



Year Salary
PGY 1 $59,627
PGY 2 $61,395
PGY 3 $63,204
PGY 4 $65,388
PGY 5 $68,280


The five-year Orthopedic Surgery Residency includes, didactic and research training, along with extensive clinical experience. You gradually assume increasing responsibility for patient care.

Continuity clinic is scheduled two ½ days a week for every month during training throughout residency.

The PGY 1 residents complete a one-month rotation during their first month of training. During this one-month, block rotation a series of modules are used to improve surgical skills. The American Board of Orthopedic Surgery (ABOS) modules cover a wide spectrum of Orthopedic PGY 1 skills such as initial management of injured patients and basic operative skills to prepare residents to participate in surgical procedures provides the modules. Faculty and PGY1 residents follow the assessments and performance metrics provided for each of the modules. Each day a module is performed under the delivery of a faculty member.

In the first year, all rotations are based on guidelines provided by the AOAO, which requires six months devoted to non-orthopedic surgery rotations.

  • Orthopedic rotations
  • Non-Orthopedic Rotations
  • Vascular surgery (1 month)
  • General Surgery (2 months)
  • Internal Medicine (2 months)
  • Emergency Medicine (1 month}
  • Basic Skills (3 weeks)
  • General Orthopedics (3 months)

In years two through five, all rotations are based on guidelines provided by the AOAO.

  • PGY-2/ PGY-3
    • Pediatrics
    • Hand
    • Foot/Ankle
    • Spine
    • Pediatric Orthopedics
    • General Orthopedics
    • Joint
  • PGY-4/ PGY-5
    • Sports Medicine
    • Trauma
    • Oncology
    • Sports
    • General Orthopedics


  • Board Review - Weekly
  • Fracture Conference - Weekly
  • Morbidity and Mortality - Monthly
  • Journal Club - Monthly
  • Quality Council - Monthly
  • Grand Rounds - Monthly
  • MRI Conference - Monthly
  • Foot/Ankle Conference - Monthly


Our residents and faculty have developed a wellness curriculum to face the unique challenges involved in Orthopedic Surgery training.

We have aimed to substantiate wellness by incorporating it into regular and dedicated conference time.

Our wellness activities focus on service, resiliency, and career development, and will continue to grow with creative ideas to support and empower residents

We are here to provide clinical and surgical skills necessary to competently and ethically practice as a leader in either an academic or a community setting.

Available positions: Four
Length: Five years
ACGME accredited: Yes
Application deadline: December 15. We accept applications through ERAS.
Residency Program Director: Charles Orth, DO FAOAO


Submit Request for Rotation through Clinician Nexus:
Amy Davis – Program Administrator
Research Medical Center
Phone: (816) 276-7636
Clinician Nexus


Yes, application are submitted through ERAS.
The orthopaedic academic program requires a pass on all clerkships. The USMLE score above 240 is considered, and comlex score above 550 part one and two. Passing score is required
Yes, we prefer no gaps between graduating medical school and entering residency.
No, our program does not offer VISA sponsorship at this time.
Yes, we require 3 and they need to be from physicians you have worked with. The applicant should have strong letters of recommendation.
No, we currently do not have any IMGs in our program.

The applicant if rotated is considered but not guaranteed an interview as this is determined by their efforts and recommendations of the faculty. The demonstration of publications is helpful, but not always required. Diversity is looked at closely and sought after with above other listed recommendations. A commitment to orthopaedic with strong basic medical knowledge in this field. The applicant should be able to carry on a good general discussion process without much stress.