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Welcome from our Program Director

Welcome to the University of Central Florida/HCA Healthcare GME Greater Orlando Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program! We are happy that you are considering our program as a potential site to continue your medical training. Our four-year program is approved for 12 residents and holds continued accreditation by the ACGME. We follow the educational objectives of the Council for Resident Training in Obstetrics & Gynecology and the American College of Osteopathic Obstetricians & Gynecologists. Graduates of our program are prepared to successfully complete the board certification process administered by ABOG and AOBOG. Please use the information and links below to learn more about our program.

Mission Statement

The HCA Florida Osceola Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency program's mission is to develop the next generation of physicians and physician leaders.

As a part of HCA Healthcare, we are driven by a single mission: Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life.

This program is designed to offer residents a rewarding, educational environment where residents are provided individualized learning opportunities by faculty and staff who support and sustain one another throughout quality care delivery. Our faculty are committed to ensuring the resident's clinical experience and educational needs are fulfilled while expanding residents’ perspectives to be inclusive of cultures, values and ideals.

Program Overview

Our program was established to provide superior education and training for our residents, as well as to give our patients the best possible medical care. We strongly believe that the success of our program is based on the commitment of our faculty and staff to provide excellence in education and patient care.

Our teaching staff is a combination of osteopathic and medical doctors who use the “hands-on” approach to teaching and learning and are eager to share their knowledge and experience with you. This program is designed to provide residents with exceptional clinical training in the specialty of obstetrics and gynecology and its subspecialties.

Residents at all levels of training will be exposed to a diverse patient population, which provides ample opportunity for procedures and clinical patient encounters. Our goal is to prepare residents and provide opportunities that help them pursue their interests. Each resident will participate in journal clubs, conferences, lectures and advisory on resident research.

As our residents progress, they are expected to acquire increased knowledge at each succeeding level. Residents will become more independent in thought and action as responsibilities increase under faculty supervision. Resident training is augmented by concentrated experiences with robotic surgery, ultrasound in ambulatory settings and office-based practice.

We also strive to prepare our residents to succeed in the practice locations of their choice and to be ready for leadership roles in their communities. In so doing, we are committed to providing the residents with all of the necessary resources to lead healthy and successful professional lives.

Based at HCA Florida Osceola Hospital, we currently boast a Level III NICU, a Level II Trauma Center and the Heart and Vascular Institute. We are proud of our hospital’s achievements, the quality of care we provide and the many important services and educational programs we provide to the people of our community.

Graduates of our program will be prepared to successfully complete the board certification process administered by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American Osteopathic Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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Our expertly crafted programs are designed to provide resident and fellow physicians with all the experiences and training necessary for professional success.

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Our Program Director and staff

Our team is comprised of skilled experts with deep experience and knowledge from which residents and fellows can benefit.

Michelle Ozcan, MD
Program Director

Michelle Ozcan, MD

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Program details

Conference Schedule

Services are covered by day and night rotations during the week with calls only on the weekends. By the end of their training, our residents will be proficient in the care of obstetrical and gynecological patients. Our residents are also expected to play an active role in the residency including teaching, lecture presentations and research production.


Our program puts an emphasis on didactic learning with the following basic schedule:

  • Daily morning report, 7:00am to 7:30am
  • Protected didactics, 7:30am to 8:30am

Didactics are on a rolling two-year curriculum covering all Council on Resident Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology topics. We use the Schoology system to keep our didactic schedule and all of our resources and modules. All resources for the curricula, including lecture PowerPoints and some lecture videos are posted on Schoology for review at any time. We also broadcast all of our didactics via either WebEx or Zoom. Didactics include:

  • Attending and guest lectures two or three times per week
  • Book club
  • Practice bulletin/committee opinion review
  • Monthly resident lecture
  • Monthly root cause analysis conference
  • Monthly sub-specialty academic half-day
  • Monthly journal club
  • Monthly antepartum conference
  • Twice monthly tumor board
  • Quarterly simulation half-day
  • Wellness curriculum
  • Reflection curriculum
  • Diversity and inclusion curriculum


Our residents are required to complete at least two research projects. The project during the PGY1 and PGY2 years is a quality improvement initiative. During the PGY3 and PGY4 years, they complete a clinical research project. Some residents choose to complete more projects than this, and many publish and present their research in various forums. All research projects have a faculty mentor.

HCA Healthcare has a strong research department for assistance with approvals, IRB, statistics, etc., and they provide an annual didactic series to our residents.


The following salaries are for the fiscal year 2023-2024 and may differ from future years' salaries.

  • PGY1: $59,627
  • PGY2: $61,395
  • PGY3: $63,204
  • PGY4: $65,388

Frequently asked questions about our Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency program

You can find answers to the most common questions about our program below.

How does the call schedule work?

During the week, we have a day-float and night-float rotation (Sunday night through Thursday night). Call only takes place on the weekends (Friday night–Sunday day). Typically a resident is assigned to either a Friday night/Sunday day shift or a Saturday 24-hour shift.

Is there a continuity clinic?

Yes. Each resident is assigned a 1/2 day continuity clinic weekly. The only time you are not present at your continuity clinic is when you are on a night-float rotation (another resident will cover your clinic for you during that time).

Is there a research requirement?

Yes. During your PGY1–2 years, you will complete a Quality Improvement Initiative and present this at the UCF/HCA/VAMC Patient Safety Forum at the end of your PGY2 year. During the PGY3–4 years, you will complete a clinical research study of your choice. Each project will have at least one faculty mentor and IRB/Statistics assistance through HCA Florida Osceola Hospital.

Is there time for educational leave?

Each resident has five weekdays per year that they can use for one approved conference or review course.

Is there time for electives?

There is currently one rotation in the PGY3 year which can be used for a pre-approved and pre-arranged elective rotation through consultation with the Program Director and GME. The one elective currently available is family planning.

What is your board pass rate?

Our current rolling board pass rate is 100% for first-time takers.

How do you prepare residents to take CREOG and the written board exam?

Residents are currently given a copy of the ACOG Prolog book set upon matriculation into the program. We organize CREOG review conferences starting months before the examination. Residents also have access to question banks to review for the CREOG exam and the ABOG board examination. PGY4 residents are encouraged to take a board review course, are allowed leave time for a live course and are currently allowed at least partial reimbursement for an electronic or live course.

How do residents determine if they are interested in a fellowship and what support is given to pursue this avenue if chosen?

Residents in our program have early exposure to the sub-specialties (starting in the PGY2 year) to help determine if they are interested in a fellowship. When a resident expresses interest in a fellowship, they are linked up with a faculty mentor in that discipline who assists in CV development, furthering scholarly activities and options for networking. We have had residents successfully progress into fellowships.

How does mentorship work in the program?

Every resident is paired up with what we call a "Wellness Partner." That faculty member not only functions as the resident's mentor in terms of progress through residency, career development, etc. but also as a wellness resource and sounding board when needed. We encourage Wellness Partners to meet at least semi-annually.

What does the program do to address wellness and burnout?

In addition to our Wellness Partner system described above, we also have a quarterly Wellness Program that addresses causes of burnout and options to address and reduce it. Our local Graduate Medical Education Committee has a Wellness Subcommittee that plans and participates in annual events. At our annual Resident Retreat, residents participate in didactics, hands-on training and also address wellness. The UCF/HCA Osceola GME Psychiatry Residency program offers process groups for mental and emotional wellness. Furthermore, HCA Florida Osceola Hospital and UCF offer many online resources, including assessments, an employee assistance program and free counseling sessions.

See the Trainee Wellness Program for more information.

What level NICU does your hospital have?

Our hospital has a Level III NICU. We deliver, resuscitate, and provide care for neonates as young as 23 weeks gestational age.