The HCA Florida St. Petersburg Hospital Graduate Medical Education Program prides itself on teaching and involving medical students in patient care. Students are often surprised by the variety of patients seen and the amount of procedures performed at our facility. Many students also return as residents to our program. We offer students a broad array of clinical rotations that foster growth of medical knowledge through direct patient-care experiences.

Scheduling of all medical student rotations is completed on the Clinician Nexus application.

Clerkship FAQs

We offer audition rotations to 4th year medical students from ACGME accredited programs.

Our clerkship opportunities are limited to our selected core group of students from Nova Southeastern University and Family Medicine Residency audition rotations.

Cancellations or date modification requests should be made as far in advance as possible. Cancellations with little or no notice are taken seriously. If no valid reason is given, it may result in a call to your Dean of Student Affairs, and inability to schedule future rotations at HCA Florida St. Petersburg Hospital. Days off during an audition rotation are frowned upon, and must be approved in advance.

General information for medical students


Orientation will be given to all medical students to acquaint him/her with hospital routines. You will receive an email weeks prior with specifics. A student will not be allowed to assume floor responsibilities without orientation.

Location of hospital

HCA Florida St. Petersburg Hospital is centrally located in St. Petersburg Florida at 6500 38th Ave North.


Medical Students eat free in our hospital cafeteria while on duty.

Dress code

All students must wear their (clean) white jackets with medical school insignias. All students are required to wear business casual attire. Exceptions to this rule will be made only when a student is on a service that requires wearing scrubs. Hospital ID badge must worn at all times.

Length of services

All services must be scheduled for a minimum of four weeks.

Hours of work

7:00am to 7:00pm or as designated by the service.


All medical students are required to attend Didactics on Wednesdays from noon - 5:00pm. Certain rotations are given exception at the coordinator's discretion. Repeated unexcused absences will result in notification to your academic affairs office and possible denial of future rotations at HCA Florida St. Petersburg Hospital.

Required documentation

We participate in ClinicianNexus. A completed application is necessary for consideration.