Our Internal Medicine Residency Program is dedicated to providing the support and resources needed to become an exceptional physician.

We focus not only on the clinical exposure to your specialty but on the unique opportunities for personal and professional development built on a strong core of medical knowledge. We use a 2+2+2 teaching block.

Residents will spend three 2 weeks blocks rotating with an inpatient service, emergency services, intensive care unit, or subspecialty. These rotations will be following by a 2-week block in an outpatient ambulatory clinic, seeing patients in the outpatient setting in the morning and afternoon. Residents will receive patient assignments and follow these patients in the outpatient setting through their three years of training.

Evaluation of each rotation is based on the defined curriculum, which includes medical knowledge and professional interactions with patients, peers, faculty and staff. The curriculum follows the framework detailed in the ACGME Internal Medicine milestones and core competencies.

In evaluating our residents, we utilize 360-degree summative evaluations and clinical quality performance data. The inclusion of many objective assessments ensures evaluation uniformity. Evaluation in our residency program empowers you with an individualized learning path to advance your career as a physician.

Inpatient rotations

Inpatient rotations provide the opportunity for exposure to a broad spectrum of diseases in an environment emphasizing integrated healthcare delivery. Residents benefit from a schedule and training program that provides immediate feedback from faculty and with a better understanding of the complexity of care in an inpatient setting.


Didactics take place every Tuesday from 12:30pm-5pm. This is mandatory protected time for all residents (with the exception of those working nights). Residents are excused from their rotation to attend weekly didactics.

Scholarly activity

HCA Florida Healthcare prides itself on having a comprehensive research roadmap for ensuring medical residents attain the skill sets necessary to conduct research while effectively meeting their clinical schedule.

All residents are involved in scholarly activity, supported by our West Florida Division Director of Research and our West Florida Division Research Liaison, who support, guide, and interact with all residents and every research project.

All research projects also include a minimum of one faculty member.