The following is a breakdown of the program by PGY year.

Starting in the PGY2 year, neurology residents will participate in one week clinics in our outpatient continuity clinic at intervals of approximately every six to seven weeks though this may vary.

In this clinic, residents will see general neurology patients referred by local primary care physicians and will be responsible for longitudinal follow-up and care of all patients with chronic neurologic diseases. The clinic will be staffed by one of the HealthONE Neurology Specialists outpatient physicians. 


All the PGY1 program is completed at Sky Ridge Medical Center.

Rotation Duration (months)
Internal medicine 6
Neurology 3
Ophthalmology 1
Cardiology 1
Emergency department 1


Beginning with the PGY2 program, residents will have a mixture of both inpatient and outpatient experiences. The primary inpatient location is at Swedish Medical Center, and the primary outpatient locations are at HealthONE Neurology Specialists and Colorado Neurodiagnostics

Rotation Duration (months)
Neuro ICU 2
Consults 1
Neuroradiology 1
Neuro Teaching Service 4
Epilepsy/EEG 1
General Clinic 1
Electives 2
Outpatient continuity clinic 6-7 weeks


The PGY3 year incorporates additional training with pediatric neurology at rocky mountain hospital for children and continues with adding additional responsibilities at Swedish Medical Center and in the outpatient continuity clinic.

Rotation Duration (months)
Pediatric neurology (Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children) 3
Psychiatry 1
Consults / Teaching Service 2
Neuro ICU 2
Epilepsy/EEG 1
Neuromuscular / EMG 1
Elective 2
Outpatient continuity clinic 6-7 weeks


Completing the program in the PGY4 year, residents will increase responsibility further by taking on the role of chief resident and expanding their clinical neurology base with additional rotations in specific subspecialties as noted below.

Rotation Duration (months)
Neuro Teaching 1
Neuro Consults 2
Movement disorders 1
Demyelinating 1
Elective 6
Epilepsy / EEG 1